ProScan Assessment

ProScan is a tool that was developed to help people understand themselves & others more holistically. It defines & measures strengths, providing an accurate description of a person’s communication style and his or her basic natural leadership traits.

Organizations are using ProScan results to help people know themselves better and to develop their people into stronger leaders, team builders, and communicators. ProScan has the capacity to assess people’s decision- making processes, energy styles, and energy capacities. With the use of a TeamScan, the tool can also be used to build staff relationships, maximize teamwork, and enhance communication among members who work in close professional relationships.

The ProScan is different from other assessment tools on the market which give more of an x-ray view or one-dimensional view of a person’s personality. The ProScan assessment reaches deeper with a multi- dimensional view of how people are wired, what people are experiencing in their lives and how people are responding to the world around them.

Individual assessments are beneficial for pastors and staff members to evaluate their leadership traits and the extent to which those traits are being utilized in their current setting. Pastors considering new calls or pastoral candidates will find this helpful to better understand themselves & what support they might need as they move into a new congregation.


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Individual pastors, staff, and other church leaders


Individual ProScan assessment with a 60 minute virtual consultation