Pastoral Search Assistance

Some congregations use search firms to assist them in finding new pastors, however, this can be very costly and many churches want to be personally engaged with the process from beginning to end. The Pastoral Search Assistance (PSA) process provides nominating committees with a designated Flourish Navigator to assist them throughout the pastoral selection and nomination process when hiring ministry staff. The ProScan tool can also assist in creating a profile for your next hire, used with your staff, teams, and onboarding new pastors.

The PSA process is centered around an assessment called the ProScan. Organizations are using ProScan results to help people know themselves better and to develop their members into stronger leaders, team builders, and communicators. ProScan also has the capacity to assess people’s decision-making processes, energy styles, and energy capacities.

The ProScan is different from other assessment tools on the market which provide more of an X-ray or one-dimensional view of a person’s personality. The ProScan assessment reaches deeper with a multi-dimensional view of how people are wired, what people are experiencing in their lives and how people are responding to the world around them.

The results of the ProScan provide valuable information for self-discovery and personal growth. They are broken into 3 areas of interpretation.

  1. Basic Natural Self
  2. Stressors and Challenges
  3. Response to Environment & Perception



Leadership, Transition



Service Type


Learning Format

Online Materials Only




A Church's Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)


The duration deepens on which level on engagement is chosen.


Pricing will vary depending on your level of engagement. View more pricing details on the flyer. In order to give you an accurately priced estimate, please contact us at