Flourishing Resources Informational Training

The Flourishing Resource Informational Training is now being offered online. This training helps you to assess and understand ECO’s ministry and church resources as well as apply this knowledge to your current or upcoming ministry call. This training will also teach you how to access the various resources that ECO has to offer.

Watching a 40-minute training video, presented by ECO’s Synod Staff Familiarizing yourself with the Flourishing Resource Informational Resource document

Filling out Completion Survey: As the final step to completing this training, please fill out the survey called “Completion Survey” on the tab to the left. If you are a Certified Transitional Pastor in the certification process, you will need to complete this survey before we can add this training as “complete” to your transitional pastor profile. We suggest you take notes as you watch the video so you can best respond to the questions being asked in the survey.


Coach Training, Discipleship, Transition, Transformation


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Online Materials Only




Anyone who would like to learn more about the offerings of Flourish Trainings


40 minutes



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