Flourishing Disciples

Flourishing Disciples is a resource that we have designed to take your leaders and your church on an intentional journey towards disciple-making, personally and corporately. It will train and equip an initial group of congregational leaders to grow as disciples, who will help disciple others around them, and contribute to a disciple-making culture in your church as a whole. We believe that discipleship has much more intention than just knowing information. Discipleship is about the ongoing, life-long transformation of being conformed to the image of Christ for the sake of others.

The focus of this resource is to equip a small group of congregational leaders to begin a true disciple-making culture in your church. We want to grow disciples who are learning to live the way of Jesus, in their context, at this very moment. We want to help you make disciples who serve God by using their heads, hearts, and hands. We will begin by looking at your discipleship habits, and will teach you a simple way to commit to growing daily as a follower of Jesus. Secondly, you will assess the discipleship culture at your church and learn about the seven vital roots for growing a disciple-making culture. During this assessment, you will have time to analyze your current reality, prayerfully dream about the future, and make a plan together on how to transform your church culture into a disciple-making culture.





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Learning Format

Online Materials & Online Meetings




6-20 church leaders, key staff & lay leaders connected to discipleship. From this group, 2-3 people will be selected to be on a Discipleship Implementation Team with the pastor & led by an ECO appointed coach to help facilitate transformation.


Approximately 3-6 months plus ongoing coaching & implementation of strategic plan for at least 1 year


Pricing will vary depending on level of engagement that your church needs. In order to give you an accurately priced estimate, please contact us at info@flourishinstitute.org.