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Church Health, Discipleship

This assessment will provide vitality as a disciple through personal experience and the observations of close community, which can stimulate deeper conversations and personal accountability. The results allow the participant to develop a strategy for growth in the areas most needed for greater spiritual maturity.

Leadership, Transformation

Through the use of TeamScan(TM), a qualified coach can help a ministry team to learn more about themselves and how to best function together as a team. From time to time, it can be helpful for all or some selected ministry staff members to engage in a process to enhance their effectiveness and cohesion as a team.

Leadership, Transition

The Pastoral Search Assistance (PSA) process provides nominating committees with a designated Flourish Navigator to assist them throughout the pastoral selection and nomination process when hiring ministry staff. The ProScan tool can also assist in creating a profile for your next hire, used with your staff, teams, and onboarding new pastors.

Coach Training

Pastors and leaders are recognizing the value of a quality coach. We offer a coach training certification process to help you coach other leaders to flourish. Learn to cultivate new skills, lead staff, mentor young leaders, mobilize volunteers and teams, and improve as a counselor so you can help others do the same.


The focus of this resource is to equip a small group of congregational leaders to begin a true disciple-making culture in your church. We want to grow disciples who are learning to live the way of Jesus, in their context, at this very moment.

Church Health, Leadership, Transition

This Succession Planning resource will help a church flourish as they prayerfully discern their next step. The process helps a church navigate their season of transition in a healthy, God honoring, Kingdom building way. This is not a "one size fits all" resource but an opportunity for the leadership to seek God and who He is calling to lead the church in the next chapter for a thriving, flourishing ministry.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction offers an opportunity for prayerful conversation and guided reflection in order to discern the presence and leading of the Holy Spirit in your life.


Through the facilitated Vision Framing process utilizing training videos, materials, and individual coaching calls, your church will gain clarity on questions that involve mission, values, measures, strategy, and vision.


A one-on-one coaching relationship or a spiritual director can help you to develop and deploy you as a leader in all areas of your life, both personally and professionally, whether you are a pastor, elder, or church leader.

Leadership, Transformation

The Flourish Institute has been designed from the very start to offer not just an outstanding theological education—many good seminaries do this—but specifically shape this theological education for service in ministry.

Leadership, Transformation

The Proscan tool helps pastors determine current areas of stress & satisfaction in their lives & ministries. It enables pastors & staff members to take proactive steps in their lives to find greater satisfaction in their calls.

Church Health, Transformation

Help your church refocus its energy, health & vitality. BAFC will encourage discipleship growth and spiritual maturity as a team and as an individual. This resource will give you greater direction, clarity, and purpose in your role as leaders in your church.

Leadership, Transformation

The Church Health Assessment is a tool that congregations may use to uncover their health according to six overarching flourishing church competences and fourteen subordinate characteristics.

Church Health

This training helps you to assess and understand ECO’s ministry and church resources as well as apply this knowledge to your current or upcoming ministry call. This training will also teach you how to access the various resources that ECO has to offer.

Church Health, Leadership, Transformation

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) is an assessment that is designed to accelerate the leadership effectiveness beyond traditional competency-based approaches. The assessment measures behaviors that are positively and negatively associated with leadership behavior and organizational performance on a percentile scale.

Church Health, Transformation

The Church Transformation process is an instrumental tool in retraining pastors, refocusing leadership, and bringing renewed vitality to our congregations. Church Transformation incorporates a Pastoral Learning Community for Pastor Head of Staff/Associate/Assistant Pastor(s), on-site and virtual consultation, as well as coaching.

Church Health, Leadership, Transformation

Our goal with this resource is to train and empower local churches, regional governing bodies, as well as national governing and staff bodies in the practice of conflict resolution centered around Christ. Conflict is a challenge that affects congregations and church plants alike. Our collaborative efforts aim to assist every church in cultivating and adopting a culture of Flourishing Biblical Peacemaking, enabling the resolution of day-to-day conflicts within churches. These courses are designed to guide you in taking initial steps to equip your congregation with the essential skills for this crucial ministry. Biblical peacemaking offers transformative assistance to individuals, couples, families, churches, organizations, and communities grappling with conflict. At its core, the Gospel of Jesus Christ serves as the foundation for the principles of biblical peacemaking.

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