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Sometimes what you need most is a book to read and process at your own pace. We’ve gathered some of our favorites that we think will help you no matter where you are today.

Dana Allin

Simple Discipleship: Grow Your Faith, Transform Your Community


Discipleship can feel like a meandering journey―we don’t know what we want, and none of the programs offered seem to get us anywhere.

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We need something to orient ourselves, and something to direct our steps toward a clear destination. Simple Discipleship, with its companion assessment tool, offers a plan for discipleship that is tailored to your real life and your personality, and clearly pointed in the way of Jesus.

Most discipleship resources are designed as mass productions―efficient for touching many, but often failing to see individuals grow in Christ. This is the best of both worlds―an assessment tool for your entire church, combined with an achievable, personalized discipling strategy.

Dana Allin, David Hancock, Jim Singleton

Together on Mission Building Gospel-Centered Missional Communities


A group study guide for those seeking to develop an understanding of and ability to build Gospel-centered missional communities within their church or from the ground up.

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