World Renew

About the Episode

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Carol Bremer-Bennett and Jen Haddox discuss the ministry of World Renew. They go into detail about the work World Renew does in vulnerable communities. Carol also shares the different experiences she has had as an indigenous woman in a ministry leadership role.

About Our Guest

Ms. Carol Bremer-Bennett is World Renew’s U.S. Executive Director. She is born to the To’aheedliinii (Waters Flow Together) Clan and born for the Todich’iinii (Bitter Water) Clan of the Navajo Nation. Bremer-Bennett is an educator by training, with a B.A. from Calvin College and a Master’s from Western New Mexico University.

Ms. Bremer-Bennett’s extensive experience in Christian ministry spans more than 25 years of organizational leadership, leadership development, and administration.

She is humbled to be a beloved and adopted daughter of God. Adoptions have played an ongoing role in her story. Five of her six children are adopted. She and her husband Theo Bremer-Bennett have three children of Navajo descent and three of Ethiopian descent. Their family motto is: the African bus is never full!

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