Transforming Theological Education

About the Episode

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Perry Shaw and Dana Allin discuss the different aspects of transforming theological education and the need for a new type of training for future pastors entering church leadership and church ministry. The two go over some important changes that can be made to transform theological education to further inspire and train a new generation of pastors. Perry gives insight on the idea of “fit for purpose and fit of purpose” and some of the challenges and joys that we have in making changes. We are very excited to have Perry Shaw working and consulting with Flourish as we create our Flourish Institute: Graduate School of Ministry.

About Our Guest

Perry Shaw is Researcher in Residence at Morling College, Sydney, and author of Transforming Theological Education. Prior to moving to Australia Perry and his family served in the Middle East from 1990-2019. During the 1990s Perry was involved in helping in the establishment of extension centers in Syria for the Program for Theological Education by Extension. He then taught at the Near East School of Theology (Beirut) during the early years of the millennium, joining the Faculty of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (Beirut) in 2007, where he served as Professor of Education until 2019. While at ABTS Perry was closely involved in the development of their highly innovative curriculum, while also becoming increasingly involved in international consultancy for theological education.

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