Size Dynamics in Missional Communities

About the Episode

Alex and Hannah talk with Dana about building missional communities and engagement. Looking at different size contexts (see below) and how those groups can help facilitate discipleship.

About Our Guest

Alex and Hannah Absalom are originally from England but were called as missionaries to America in 2007. Alex and Hannah, along with their three sons, have served in churches in Oklahoma City, NE Ohio, and Long Beach CA.

From their days in Europe onwards, they have coached, taught and equipped large numbers of churches and leaders. In particular, they focus on three areas, equipping people to be; Disciple-Makers, On Mission, and Naturally Supernatural

At a local level Alex and Hannah have personally crafted effective disciple-making and leadership pipelines, overseen the starting of over 110 mid-sized missional communities, and empowered numerous individuals with Biblical teaching and practices that enable them to operate in the power of the Spirit wherever they live, work and play.

At a trans-local level they have spoken to thousands of leaders from an incredibly diverse spectrum of backgrounds, contexts, and denominations, both in local churches and at conferences and through training resources.

In August 2018 the Absalom family planted The Dandelion Project, a multiplying network of Home Churches who seek to reveal God’s Kingdom wherever people live, work and play.

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5 Context Sizes:

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