Learning from the Revival in the UK

About the Episode

Miriam Swanson and Dana Allin discuss how as a church we can better engage and equip college students. Miriam gives examples from her experience in the United Kingdom, and how she has seen a need for growth since moving to the United States. The two spend time discussing the organization, Fusion, and what they are doing to reach college students. In addition they answer questions asked by a live webinar audience during the recording. (Due to this being recorded live as a webinar there were a few internet difficulties throughout the recording).

About Our Guest

Miriam Swanson is the Global Student Mission Leader for Fusion, a movement that helps local churches reach college students and equips students to follow and share Jesus all within local church. She is beginning the process of planting Fusion USA, having spent the last decade serving the student mission movement in Europe. She lives in Florida with her husband Ben and is about to have a baby!

Additional Resources

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