Flourishing Your City

About the Episode

Geoff and Lisa discuss what it means to model a church that flourishes it’s city. They talk about the different steps churches can be taking towards encouraging its members and its city to reflect God’s heart for his Kingdom.

About Our Guest

Geoff Hsu is the Executive Director of Flourish San Diego. In his role, Geoff aims to lead others to be apprentices of Jesus who help people and churches become who they were created to be so they may join God to help our city and world flourish. He believes that the dynamic, life-giving message of Jesus has been obscured from people who seek to find meaning and purpose in Him, and works to help recover that message and faithfully communicate it to people today. His core giftedness hovers around his shepherd’s heart and his orientation as a reflective practitioner. In using these gifts, much of Geoff’s work is focused on the gospel, its proclamation, transformative impact in the lives of Christians, and subsequent renewing, redeeming and restorative influence on the world at large.

In his early days of ministry, Geoff worked for Cru for 20 years, working in many capacities and all over the world, including in East Asia. He also was a leadership formation coach, conducting discipleship groups and spiritual formation groups for area pastors, professionals, and elders in San Diego County. Working closely with Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church, he helped lead a missional initiative called “Cascade.” The formation of Flourish San Diego was an attempt to leverage Cascade’s success and make it available to the broader body of Christ in San Diego.

Additional Resources

Find out more about Flourish San Diego, check out their website here:


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Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good By: Amy Sherman