Business as Mission

About the Episode

Paul Harrington and Jen Haddox discuss business as a missional movement to advance the Kingdom of God with marketplace leaders. They explore the biblical roots of not only funding mission but utilizing business leaders to directly engage in the transformational work that God wants to do around the world. They discuss the importance of priesthood of all believers and the gift that for profit business can bring to meet the needs around the world. In addition the two discuss how business and your church can interact in healthy and beneficial ways.

About Our Guest

Paul Harrington is the Business as Mission coordinator for The Antioch Partners. Paul worked in a management role for a multinational corporation for several decades. After  working in another country mobilizing Christians for the Business as Mission movement, he now helps churches in the US develop mission strategies that engage marketplace professionals. Paul also serves as a mentor in the areas of business practice and finance to Business as Mission companies in the most spiritually needy parts of the world.

* This name is a pseudonym to protect the people and companies with whom he works in security sensitive contexts around the world.

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