Author Conversation: Tempered Resilience

About the Episode

Tod Bolsinger and Dana Allin talk about Tod’s most recent book Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change. The two discuss the importance of holding fast to things that are important in the midst of change and its effects on leadership. Tod explains the difference between adaptive leadership and technical leadership and how we can use the different practices as we walk into the shifts we experience in our current and future circumstances. They also discuss the different challenges we face as pastors and leaders to pursue accountable relationships and the importance of becoming lifelong learners.

About Our Guest

Tod Bolsinger serves as Senior Fellow at the De Pree Center and Associate Professor of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary. Bolsinger has authored four books, the Christianity Today Award of Merit winner, It Takes a Church to Raise a Christian: How the Community of God Transforms Lives (Brazos, 2004), Show Time: Living Down Hypocrisy by Living Out the Faith (Baker, 2005), the Outreach Magazine Resource of the Year in Pastoral Leadership, Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory (IVP Books, 2015) and his newest, Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change (IVP Books, 2020). Bolsinger has also written a chapter about building community in a virtual world in the book The New Media Frontier: Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting for Christ (Crossway, 2008) and contributes essays and articles to journals in the areas of leadership, spiritual formation, leadership formation, and innovation.

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