10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years

About the Episode

In this podcast, John Terech and Doug Paul discuss “10 Church Predictions for the Next 10 Years” recorded pre-COVID19. This conversation is as relevant as ever, as Doug calls the church to embrace the demanding and necessary changes ahead for Kingdom impact. They discuss the 10 different predictions that Doug believes will affect the church in the next 10 years and the changing landscape of our ministry and leadership. There are no quick fixes to innovation and mission in the church in Pre or Post Covid times only incremental ones founded on Jesus.

About Our Guest

Doug Paul is an Innovation Strategist, he work with organizations like Catapult, Auxano, the NewThing Network, the ECO denomination, Exponential, 100 Movements, Crossroads Cincy,  Christ Together, Younique, and a host of other orgs, including some of the fastest growing and innovative churches in the Western church. In a past life Doug served as the Global Content Director for 3DM, he has planted a multiplying missional church, was a Teaching Pastor at a mega church and led a church to a multichurch model (before multi-site was a thing).

Most of Doug’s work these days centers around innovation. A while ago, he kind of “tripped into” some breakthroughs that got him asking bigger questions about the interplay between Innovation and the Gospel. Three innovations  in particular really sparked this journey for him:

  • One team Doug led catalyzed a wave of discipleship that saw 7+ generations of disciple-makers. It went from one discipleship core of 6 people to 750+ groups and 4500+ people.
  • Doug helped spearhead, lead, multiply, coach or kick-start 5,000+ multiplying Missional Communities, a new form of Gospel expression in the Western church.
  • A while back Doug was a ghostwriter for a wildly successful content and training start up, while leading the content marketing strategy to sell more than 100,000 self-published books.

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