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On each episode of The Flourishing Church Podcast, we interview successful practitioners and thinkers to bring you practical and theological-based wisdom to help you and your church flourish in the context where God has you.


We have taken a break from our regularly scheduled episode releases, however, you can listen to past episodes and find out more below.

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Guest: Bill Couchenour

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Bill Couchenour and Dana Allin discuss the effects the COVID-19 has had on the church and some of the biggest challenges and blessings Bill has seen in this season of church ministry and leadership development. The two go over some of the questions that established churches can be asking about church planting, micro-expressions of the church, and the work of missional communities.

Guest: Christopher DiVietro

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Chris DiVietro and Lisa Johnson discuss what spiritual direction is and how they have benefited from having a spiritual director themselves. Chris gives additional context through the applications of spiritual direction in scripture and examples from his personal experiences. He goes deeper into sharing both the best and hardest things about spiritual direction and how it has played a role in both his personal and professional life.

Guest: Laura Murray

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Laura Murray and Dana Allin discuss how we can develop a posture of hospitality in both our everyday lives and the digital world. Laura provides different definitions of digital hospitality that can help reframe our perspective on the ways we can meaningfully connect with others online. In addition, she gives practical examples of the different aspects of hospitality

Guest: Carol Bremer-Bennett

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Carol Bremer-Bennett and Jen Haddox discuss the ministry of World Renew. They go into detail about the work World Renew does in vulnerable communities. Carol also shares the different experiences she has had as an indigenous woman in a ministry leadership role.

Guest: Kara Powell

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Dana Allin talks with Kara Powell about her book 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager: Making the Most of Your Conversations and Connections. The two discuss the main themes of the book and the 3 main questions that address identity, purpose, and belonging. Kara and Dana dive deeper into their own experiences of having meaningful conversations with their teenage kids and provide personal examples. Kara also gives examples of other questions the book addresses and practical ways we can engage in conversations with teenagers in our homes and churches.

Guest: Perry Shaw

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Perry Shaw and Dana Allin discuss the different aspects of transforming theological education and the need for a new type of training for future pastors entering church leadership and church ministry. The two go over some important changes that can be made to transform theological education to further inspire and train a new generation of pastors. Perry gives insight on the idea of “fit for purpose and fit of purpose” and some of the challenges and joys that we have in making changes. We are very excited to have Perry Shaw working and consulting with Flourish as we create our Flourish Institute: Graduate School of Ministry.

Guest: Tim Newell

Tim Newell and John Terech discuss the struggles we face as Christians in investing in for profit companies. Tim gives practical advice on how to look into investing as well as his experience with personal investing as well as how he helps clients invest. The two also go into detail about what Biblically responsible investing is and how it applies to different companies.

Guest: Kyle Strobel

On this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Kyle Strobel and Dana Allin talk about Kyle’s newest book Where Prayer Becomes Real. The two discuss the importance of talking about prayer and go through some of the common misconceptions of this spiritual discipline.  In addition, they also explore different models of prayer and how we can maintain a vibrant prayer life throughout all the different seasons of our lives.

Guest: Kärin Butler Primuth

Kärin Butler Primuth and Jen Haddox discuss the ministry of VisionSynergy and the role it plays in missions. Kärin gives some examples of how we can work to energize churches and mission leaders to increase intentionality for collaboration and partnership with mission networks and the global church. The two provide some potential next steps that we can take as leaders to start a collaborative network or partnership, as well as places that we can look for encouragement.

Guest: Doug Paul

In this episode of the Flourishing Church Podcast, Doug Paul returns to the podcast for a conversation with Dana Allin about his newest book Ready Or Not: Kingdom Innovation for a Brave New World. The two discuss the different areas of Kingdom innovation within the church and some of the myths we face as churches to adapt and grow. In addition, Doug helps us to understand how we can begin to create a sustainable culture of innovation for both large and small congregations.