Coach Training

Want to help coach others to flourish?

Pastors and leaders are recognizing the value of a quality coach. We offer a coach training certification process to help you coach other leaders to flourish.

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Learn to cultivate new skills, lead staff, mentor young leaders, mobilize volunteers and teams, and improve as a counselor so you can help others do the same.

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Start Your Training

If you have never taken one of the Flourish Coach Training courses, get started with the first course, 100 Essentials.

*30 Hours of Training

Continue Your Training

Whether you’ve taken one or multiple Flourish Coach Training courses and want to enroll in another course, you can view and enroll in those courses. 

*40 Hours of Training 

Meet the Coach Training Team!

John Terech

Flourish Co-Director of Education & CEO for Integrated Coach Training

Dana Allin

Flourish Co-Director of Education

Stacia Pittario

Coach Training Coordinator