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Often times you’re too close to your church to get a clear picture of where your people and processes actually are. Our Assessments help pinpoint the specific areas where you need help so you don’t waste time or money on training you don’t need.

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Assessments allow individuals, leadership teams and entire churches to explore their areas of strength and determine where growth is needed to pursue a gospel-saturated life. The results allow the participants to develop a strategy for growth in the areas most needed for greater spiritual maturity.


Leadership, Transformation

The Church Health Assessment is a tool that congregations may use to uncover their health according to six overarching flourishing church competences and fourteen subordinate characteristics.

Church Health, Discipleship

This assessment will provide vitality as a disciple through personal experience and the observations of close community, which can stimulate deeper conversations and personal accountability. The results allow the participant to develop a strategy for growth in the areas most needed for greater spiritual maturity.

Church Health, Leadership, Transformation

The Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) is an assessment that is designed to accelerate the leadership effectiveness beyond traditional competency-based approaches. The assessment measures behaviors that are positively and negatively associated with leadership behavior and organizational performance on a percentile scale.

Leadership, Transformation

The Proscan tool helps pastors determine current areas of stress & satisfaction in their lives & ministries. It enables pastors & staff members to take proactive steps in their lives to find greater satisfaction in their calls.

Leadership, Transformation

Through the use of TeamScan(TM), a qualified coach can help a ministry team to learn more about themselves and how to best function together as a team. From time to time, it can be helpful for all or some selected ministry staff members to engage in a process to enhance their effectiveness and cohesion as a team.

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