Every church has challenges within the ministries.

We provide coaching and training so you and your church can flourish in ministry.

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Whether it is strengthening your discipleship strategy, getting members united on mission, or leading church revitalization efforts, our goal is to help you develop everything you need to lead better in today’s ministry environment.


to help you learn where you are today.


to support you in one-on-one and peer based groups.


to teach you theprinciples you need to know so you can lead better.

Our mission is to help all churches and leaders flourish and to make strong disciples of Jesus Christ through offering assessment and trainings, courses and in-depth support services.

By offering a combination of virtual and in-person trainings, we help you identify the needs in your church and pair you with the specific service you need so your ministry an flourish.


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Get matched with the right training, assessments and coach to walk alongside you, to help you get where you want to go.


Start to Flourish

After going through your unique process, you and your church will begin to flourish.

Since 2014, we have helped hundreds of churches navigate seasons of transition, transformation, multiplication, and culture building.

Looking for something more?

Flourish Institute of Theology are online seminary level classes designed to be integrated into the ministry you’re currently doing and are meant to give you real-life application.

Each program is designed around industry leading adult education techniques.

Our focus is to prepare you for lifelong ministry in a variety of settings, not necessarily for a life in academia.

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You deserve to be excited about ministry again.

Get the coaching and training to help your life and ministry flourish.